one of many from the creators speechtubes

.....we are parts of a good created.

One changes in it another and will stop to be on this ´flowing of time´ as a part.

For example from the special getting together would be created into this ´flowing´ new humans.

Over this flowing the creator wants to work/create; also through us.

To humans he helps / comforts (also in forming through also us this flowing).

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…........querfloete........... erde..........butflyer.........

In original was the saying; & the saying was toward the ´God´ & ´God´ was the saying. This was in original toward the ´God´. All thru it became & apart from it became not yet one which has become. In it life was & the life was the light of the humans. And the light in the darkness is appearing & the darkness it not down got. He was in the cosmos & the cosmos thru him & the cosmos not knew him/it. As many as yet they got him he gives authority offsprings of ´God´ to be becoming.....


And now abideth grayeyes love, hope, faith





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